Pip Camila Friendship Bridge, Open for Traffic

Post date: Mar 12, 2012 3:19:7 AM

We are pleased to inform you that the bridge going to Happyville will be opened officially on March 12, 2012, Monday from 5AM to 10:30PM and everyday thereafter. As what we have previously announced in the most recent circular, we shall be very strict in allowing entrance to our subdivision for security reasons. Only vehicles with the following stickers are allowed to use the Friendship Route in our subdivision (access via Pip Camila Friendship Bridge):

a)      Las Piñas Friendship Route

b)      CHAIN (Camella Homes 1 and 2)

c)       Mother Earth Subdivision

d)      St. Michael Village

Pedestrians, motorcycle and bicycle riding individuals shall be challenged by our guards to ensure that they are residents of the neighbouring communities mentioned above or vistors with legitimate business with our homeowners. Otherwise, passers-by will not be allowed, again, for security reasons. It is already common knowledge that petty crimes are being committed by pedestrians, motorcycle and bicycle riding individuals in our subdivisions and we cannot be complacent.

We appeal to you dear homeowners, to extend your outmost cooperation in the implementation of these rules which are meant to protect our community, property , and our children from unscrupulous elements. If you have any complaint in the manner our guards implement these rules, please bring this to the attention of the CHAIN Board personally or via our Contacts page at http://chainworks.cxsmedia.com/contact.

Again, please do not bully our guards who are just doing their jobs and please treat them properly to avoid confrontation.

Also, we would like to inform you that we successfully finished the construction of the gate before the bridge with the generous donations given by some of our very supportive homeowners and Councilor Danny “Davhez” Hernandez.

Please be guided accordingly.

Thank you.