CHAIN Works Official Website is now ready to serve you.

Post date: Jul 15, 2011 9:20:54 PM

Dear Homeowners,

As we aim to serve you better, we have come out with this CHAIN Works website so your CHAIN officers will be able to harness the internet's capability for us to collaborate online and thus help us to be more efficient in bringing about change in the way we do our work for the homeowner's advantage. In addition, we can provide transparency to you and emphasize more involvement for the homeowners in dealing about the changes and improvements we do for our community.

The following are the highlights of this website:

1. Systematize projects and tasks the officers are working on or will need to work on.

2. Due to the nature that some of our officers are also working for a living and may not have a full time handling the tasks as officers This website will always be available so the officers can be updated on what the other directors are working, what are their phase on the project, and if it has been delivered correctly or when is the target date. 

3. An online resource so we can access the information or documents we need anytime such as:

    a. Association Bills

    b. Association Dues

    c. Any other documents that we need to share from the officers and to the homeowners for instant information.

4. An online information portal to keep both officers and homeowners updated.

5. An online calendar so we can be informed on events and special appointments.

6. A way for the officers to be contacted by the homeowners officially and for us to know their 

concerns instantly.

7. Provide transparency to the homeowners and real-time information of what the officers are working on.

We hope that our endeavor to make Camella Homes 1 and 2 a more united community be fulfilled on this new project. Kasi nga Buong Camella... Isang Pamilya!