Issues and CHAIN Response

Post date: Aug 12, 2011 3:44:52 PM

Stray Dogs

As per the board discussion. The ordinance is still in effect. Because of this, our security guard still has the right and capacity to impound stray dogs. Guards are directed to catch them on site. If a similar instance happens, alert the guard and inform our security and safety director, Mr. Carganilla. For the dog owners, due to our limited resources, we appeal for your cooperation.

Vendor Noise

As per board discussion and directive, there will be no formal restriction for the vendors on doing this. Due to the fact that this is to protect Filipino heritage (e.g. ice cream vendors ring bells, binatog dings metals.), we can have various ways to limit ourselves from hearing them.

Maynilad Issue

As per the board meeting, our president, Mr. Lorzano will be personally working on following up on this issue to the Vice Mayor due to the reason that this issue needs initiation and talks from the developer and the local government.

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