Homeowners Obligations and Priviledges

Homeowners' Obligations

1. Cleanliness

Each homeowner/members are expected to maintain a clean and orderly surrounding especially taksed to look after the street fronting your house.

2. Update of Household Members

We want to maintain unity and harmony in our community and would like to request each household to update with the CHAIN Board's Membership Committee of any changes in your household.

3. Payment of CHAIN Dues

To maintain the services and structures in our community, a monthly association dues currently at Php 250.00/month for all homeowners and residents are required. Pay only to duly authorized collector and ask for an official receipt.

4. Pet Management

Pets are advised to be kept within your vicinity. Any stray dogs will have to be impounded and be dealt accordingly to maintain safety among the homeowners and their families. Likewise, Barangay Ordinance No. 009-09 series of 2009 prohibits the breeding and production of animals more than that allowed for domestic purposes within the territorial jurisdiction of Barangay Talon Dos.

5. Transfers - Moving Out:

If you have plans of moving out, please secure a permit at the guard and have it approved by assigned board members at least a week before the move out date to eliminate any inconveniences.

Homeowners' Priviledges

1. Voting Privileges

All active homeowners are given voting privileges to referendum and in choosing the CHAIN Board of Directors.

2. Use of Recreational/Sports Facilities

Everyone is enjoined to use the said facilities inside the subdivision. We have a full-sized basketball court and playground at Rainbow Road and playground at Crimson Road beside the Chapel. these are also normally used for general homeowner's get together and celepbration.

3. Suggestions

We would like each one to contribute to the continuous improvement of our life here in Camella. Any suggestions and comments are very much welcome. You can address such to any concerned officers or on our Contact page.

4. Service through directorship at CHAIN board

Most welcome to all active homeowners of CHAIN. You can contact designated Comelec members assigned in every CHAIN election.